Open for Tet Holidays 2019

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 12.53.05 PM.png[Tet Holidays 2019 Announcement]

We are open!


During the holidays from 2nd February until 10th January Royal Saigon Restaurant will be open with a limited menu. Our small team will be there for you. Here are the opening hours:

03.02.19  13:00–21:00

04.02.19  13:00–21:00

05.02.19  13:00–21:00

06.02.19  13:00–21:00

07.02.19  13:00–21:00

08.02.19  13:00–21:00

09.02.19  13:00–21:00

10.02.19  13:00–21:00


Please also note that during that time prices will be increased up to 10%.

We are sorry for the inconvenience!


Also please bare in mind that we charge 3% Credit Card fee on the final bill.

Bạn đã từng ăn măng tây chưa? 🎋

[English below]
Đã đến lúc thử chúng rồi !

Hôm nay tại Royal Rice & Bún Bar, chúng tôi phục vụ một món ăn mang hương vị mới cho các bạn – Bún Măng Vịt, thành phần bao gồm bún tươi, nước lèo cùng măng tây và thịt ức vịt.

It’s time to try a new dish!

Today at Royal Rice & Bún Bar, we serve a new flavourful dish to you – Bún Măng Vịt, ingredients including fresh home-made rice noodles, broth with bamboo roots and duck breast meat.


🏡 40 Đặng Thị Nhu, District 1
📞 090 8685033

 — at Royal Rice & Bún Bar.

New concept – 2nd shop open!

[2nd restaurant]

Good morning everyone!

It’s been a while, that I have been posting here.
I know some of you read my posts. Lots have been done during the last quarter of 2018.

I have been working on a new concept with the same in mind – up-cycling and sustainability.

Royal Rice & Bún Bar is our new shop and we offer our HOME-MADE RICE NOODLE BOWLS and plenty of other rice dishes there.

It was my desire to extend the knowledge in the kitchen.

Colourful noodle dishes made with love to share with you.

Have a look at the rainbow coloured pictures and come by to try, if you are nearby!

Green: Pandan rice noodles, Pink: Beetroot noodles, Orange: Red melon noodles
We are using Philips Pasta maker. So everyone can learn and make the noodles at home.
Super friendly guests from Malaysia! It felt like family came visit from overseas.
New dish! Bamboo and duck rice noodle soup


Royal Rice & Bún Bar
40 Dang Thi Nhu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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Happy Anniversary Royal Saigon

Happy Birthday to Royal! [English below]

Ngày này 3 năm trước, nhà hàng Royal đã chính thức ra đời với sự háo hức của tập thể nhân viên nhà hàng, để đem đến một địa điểm mới giúp khách nước ngoài trải nghiệm món ăn Việt một cách thân quen, ấm cúng và giá thành cực kỳ hợp lý. 3 năm quá dài, cũng không quá ngắn nhưng Royal rất vui vì mục tiêu mình đặt ra chưa bao giờ thay đổi, đã đem đến rất nhiều niềm vui cho người yêu thích ẩm thực Việt trong và ngoài nước.

Hãy cùng đến Royal, kể cho tụi mình nghe câu chuyện của bạn giữa một Bùi Viện náo nhiệt đầy sắc màu, thưởng thức vài lon bia và cùng nhau ghi lại những khoảnh khắc đẹp mới cho hành trình của bạn!
#RoyalSaigon #RoyalSaigonRestaurant
Royal started 3 years ago with our passion in helping the tourists to enjoy Vietnamese specialties at their bests with warmly atmosphere and suitable price.
After 3 years, we still happily enjoy what we are doing, and never fall out of our mission a bit. We love the stories we heard from you guys – people in all shapes and colours from all over the earth – and that gives us most precious experience we never think of before.

Let’s go to Royal, keep telling us your story in a colourful Bui Vien, with full of excitements and also messy and that we always enjoy. Drink some beers and make some good memories again!

-Cheers & Happy birthday to Royal!-

Christmas is coming to town

Time for a cozy night out with friends and family while you are traveling. We wish you a pleasant stay in Saigon! ❤️

If you happen to dine at Royal Saigon Restaurant, feel comfy and relax while our team is serving your meal.



Bún – Freshly homemade rice noodles – Welcome to our new shop – Royal Rice & Bun Bar

We welcome you to our newly opened 2nd restaurant in Saigon.

The new restaurant is dedicated to serve you freshly homemade rice noodles everyday, seven days a week. The Vietnamese famous rice noodles named Bún.

The owner loves to eat Bún herself, so why not share their passion with you?
To make it more fun we colourised the noodles with vegetable and seed juices.

Come by and try the noodles with our homemade sauces!
Get 20% discount on the full bill.
Only set lunch offers are excluded.

Image: Chả Cá Lã Vọng dish
Address: 40 Dang Thi Nhu Street, District 1
Nearby the Fine Arts Museum
Map: Click here to view Googlemaps

#royalbunbar #freshnoodles #ricenoodles #vietnamesefood #rainbownoodles #bun
#calmettestreet #saigon #hochiminhcity #vietname #moderncuisine


Image: Colourful freshly made Bún noodles

Image: Bún cá dish

Image: Mrs. Lan making fresh Bún

Lunch set 13-18 August

Saigonese! Check out our bento 🍱 box delivery to your doorstep! 50k VND excl. VAT & delivery fee. Help us to grow the eco-friendly way of delivery! #bento #saigon #delivery #vietnamesefood #lunch #vietnam #food

Payment information

We have been recently critiqued that the blog is not transparent about available payment methods and additional charges. So here is now a list of them:

  1. VISA? yes
  2. MASTERCARD? yes
  3. WECHAT? yes
  4. SAMSUNG PAY? yes
  5. MOMO? yes

Additional fees? 

  1. VAT Value-added-tax? yes, it is 10% on the final bill
  2. Credit card service fee? yes, it is 3% on the final bill

US Dollar payment possible? Yes, it is possible. Here are the currency rates:

  1. Face value 1, 2 USD = 20,000 VND
  2. Face value 5 <  USD = 22,000 VND
  • Kinder friendly places

    I have been finding it tough myself to find quiet places for my son to play and focus on his play. And I am pretty sure that you often times experiencing the same. So June’s topics will be all about places I go with my son.

    Today we went to Gardenia Eat, Play, Love in District 2. We spent all morning and afternoon there to play outdoors and be surrounded by plants.

    It’s not just something I do for my son only. It’s also very chillaxing for me to be outdoors and have a quiet but airy place to be.

    For more information about Gardenia visit their Facebook page: