Bún – Freshly homemade rice noodles – Welcome to our new shop – Royal Rice & Bun Bar

We welcome you to our newly opened 2nd restaurant in Saigon.

The new restaurant is dedicated to serve you freshly homemade rice noodles everyday, seven days a week. The Vietnamese famous rice noodles named Bún.

The owner loves to eat Bún herself, so why not share their passion with you?
To make it more fun we colourised the noodles with vegetable and seed juices.

Come by and try the noodles with our homemade sauces!
Get 20% discount on the full bill.
Only set lunch offers are excluded.

Image: Chả Cá Lã Vọng dish
Address: 40 Dang Thi Nhu Street, District 1
Nearby the Fine Arts Museum
Map: Click here to view Googlemaps

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Image: Colourful freshly made Bún noodles

Image: Bún cá dish

Image: Mrs. Lan making fresh Bún

Lunch set 13-18 August

Saigonese! Check out our bento 🍱 box delivery to your doorstep! 50k VND excl. VAT & delivery fee. Help us to grow the eco-friendly way of delivery! #bento #saigon #delivery #vietnamesefood #lunch #vietnam #food

Payment information

We have been recently critiqued that the blog is not transparent about available payment methods and additional charges. So here is now a list of them:

  1. VISA? yes
  2. MASTERCARD? yes
  3. WECHAT? yes
  4. SAMSUNG PAY? yes
  5. MOMO? yes

Additional fees? 

  1. VAT Value-added-tax? yes, it is 10% on the final bill
  2. Credit card service fee? yes, it is 3% on the final bill

US Dollar payment possible? Yes, it is possible. Here are the currency rates:

  1. Face value 1, 2 USD = 20,000 VND
  2. Face value 5 <  USD = 22,000 VND
  • Kinder friendly places

    I have been finding it tough myself to find quiet places for my son to play and focus on his play. And I am pretty sure that you often times experiencing the same. So June’s topics will be all about places I go with my son.

    Today we went to Gardenia Eat, Play, Love in District 2. We spent all morning and afternoon there to play outdoors and be surrounded by plants.

    It’s not just something I do for my son only. It’s also very chillaxing for me to be outdoors and have a quiet but airy place to be.

    For more information about Gardenia visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GardeniaEatPlayLove/

    Bun – Rice Noodle Bowl – Vietnamese Poke

    Vietnamese food in my opinion is one of the most healthy cuisines in the world. One of my favorites is the Bun – Rice noodle bowl. You get them at the markets and on the streets usually with grilled pork. At Royal Saigon we have many variations for the many different eaters. Of course the traditional grilled pork, then lemongrass beef, for vegetarian tofu and new options come with grilled chicken and fish.

    I love bun so much. It’s lightweight, easy to combine with meat or vegetables. The bowl in the picture comes with fried tofu, fried egg roll (cha gio) and I topped it with dill, a fried egg and smoked sesame and chia seeds.

    Can you now imagine how good it tastes?

    Come and try it! I love people to join me at dinner.

    Have a Good Friday all!


    Raining season shower

    It’s officially raining season! Today exactly when it was the strongest rain we got an order to deliver a bento box to our frequent customer. I got all wet by the time I arrived at the restaurant. But hey! You would do the same for you loyal customer , right? My son also enjoyed his rain bathing in front of the Royal Saigon. So much happiness in his eyes and this is simply just water that gets his excitement. I love you son ❤ Mami #royalsaigon #royalsaigonfamily #bento #rain

    Teamwork Tuesday

    Every Tuesday Royal Saigon Team meets during shift change to do something fun. Today we make some DIY hashtags carton decoration for our walls and upcycle bottles to table lamps. #teamwork #teamtuesday #upcycle #fun #create #creativity #royalsaigon #royalsaigonfamily

    Healthy all-day breakfast from 10.30am to 10.30pm – New on the menu

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    We are happy to announce our new all-day breakfast offer. We serve it from 10.30am until 10.30pm. The granola is baked by the owners from home and combined with a smoothie bowl you now can enjoy a healthy meal to start your day. Select from the menu the fruits of your choice and let us know whether you want it with milk or soy milk. Smoothie bowl with homemade granola, yoghurt and honey only for 75.000 VND.
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    For 100.000 VND you can order our breakfast bowl in a coconut and drink the coconut juice.