Bun – Rice Noodle Bowl – Vietnamese Poke

Vietnamese food in my opinion is one of the most healthy cuisines in the world. One of my favorites is the Bun – Rice noodle bowl. You get them at the markets and on the streets usually with grilled pork. At Royal Saigon we have many variations for the many different eaters. Of course the traditional grilled pork, then lemongrass beef, for vegetarian tofu and new options come with grilled chicken and fish.

I love bun so much. It’s lightweight, easy to combine with meat or vegetables. The bowl in the picture comes with fried tofu, fried egg roll (cha gio) and I topped it with dill, a fried egg and smoked sesame and chia seeds.

Can you now imagine how good it tastes?

Come and try it! I love people to join me at dinner.

Have a Good Friday all!


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