You have loved our very first lunch set offer so much that we now go back to that one first menu.

However, the price of 50k VND we can’t remain keeping. Why? It’s simply not sustainable for us to sell at this low price anymore. First and foremost as I am a foreign business owner, I pay higher tax, then the prices kinda increase such as the rent… It’s been not that easy for us last year to keep the price low. We are sorry, but we have no choice!


SO, if you are still interested in our lunch set, you can also ask for our delivery service.

Check out our bento 🍱 box delivery to your doorstep! 70k VND plus delivery fee. Help us to grow the eco-friendly way of delivery! #bento #saigon #delivery #vietnamesefood #lunch #vietnam #food

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 9.28.01 PM

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