Bún – Freshly homemade rice noodles – Welcome to our new shop – Royal Rice & Bun Bar

We welcome you to our newly opened 2nd restaurant in Saigon.

The new restaurant is dedicated to serve you freshly homemade rice noodles everyday, seven days a week. The Vietnamese famous rice noodles named Bún.

The owner loves to eat Bún herself, so why not share their passion with you?
To make it more fun we colourised the noodles with vegetable and seed juices.

Come by and try the noodles with our homemade sauces!
Get 20% discount on the full bill.
Only set lunch offers are excluded.

Image: Chả Cá Lã Vọng dish
Address: 40 Dang Thi Nhu Street, District 1
Nearby the Fine Arts Museum
Map: Click here to view Googlemaps

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Image: Colourful freshly made Bún noodles

Image: Bún cá dish

Image: Mrs. Lan making fresh Bún

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