Melancholic days

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 5.10.36 AM.png

I took this picture in 2007, when I freshly arrived in Ho Chi Minh City. That ‘s now 12 years ago. I am kinda melancholic today, because I feel that sadness of the loss of the beauty this city ones had. Every moment something can change in this crazy buzzling city, everything ruled by that one thing called money. You may think of me now ” Come on girl that is life. You can’t stop modernism and consumerism. I agree I can’t, but it does not mean, that I fully have to be living that lifestyle of speed where now everyone is longing to go to yoga. Sorry, am I not right?

The shocking moment was when I was walking through that crowded Bui Vien Street, that seemed so harmless and now is soooo packed that you feel like someone is wrapping his hands around your neck. Then like in a stop motion that boy was sitting on his fathers shoulders was inhaling a balloon. What the f*ck????
Hey guys, you can do anything to yourself, but think twice when doing it to your child?

It’s about a week ago and I can’t stop seeing this boy inhaling a balloon.


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