Before & After

We took over Royal Saigon in December 2015 and ever since then, we have been working hard on becoming a place that serves you healthy conscious Vietnamese dishes as well as developing an eco-friendly mind set. Not that easy in a country like Vietnam, but hey we have achieved some of our goals.

How Royal Saigon has started.
12-2015 we bought out the business from a Dutch-Vietnamese couple
12-2016 we bought out our neighbours business to expand Royal Saigon
11-2017 we hit a downtime. That was when we had experienced that loyalty and trust is hard to find nowadays. However, I am thankful for anyone I had met on this path.

It had made me more conscious about my weaknesses and strength. My desire to be a truthful and honest person. My desire to do good.

We are soon to experience the change of Bui Vien Street and the Economy landscape of Ho Chi Minh City.

Over the past five years rental prices have been increasing. The speed is extreme.
We started out with a rent of 2000 USD and currently at 4000 USD and soon plus 6000 USD. In other words we are forced to downsize and look for a more affordable location.

But giving up? No, I can’t. We can’t. We’ve got to find a solution.
And if not, then we give up. Giving up doesn’t mean we failed. We at least tried.


Iny Tran


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