So let me introduce myself, I am Iny, the owner of Royal Saigon Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, 🇻🇳 Vietnam.

In 2015 I bought over Royal Saigon Restaurant from a Vietnamese Dutch couple. My background is graphic design and branding. I have exited my former job in 2015 and took a 6 months break until I reopened Royal Saigon in 2016.

I wanted to escape from the corporate world and offer my skills to non profit organizations.

I am Viet-kieu German. My parents were born in Vietnam, but are Chinese. I found my love for Vietnam when I started to unfold my language skills. I barely spoke Vietnamese, when I first time arrived to Saigon in 2007. Today, I speak Vietnamese, German, English and Cantonese Chinese. Funnily saying my favorites words are all French. 😆

Why did I start my own restaurant? Simply I enjoy hosting you. I enjoy to make sure you get a memorable dinner. I love food as much as I love to host people. But usually I like to be invisible. So you see me diving into the role as a service manager or service wait staff.

The name of the restaurant “Royal Saigon” applies more to the service than the interior. I kept the interior very functional and simple because one of the things I care is to reuse as much stuff from others as I can. So most of the interior items in the restaurant comes from other businesses that closed down.

I chose to serve you Vietnamese food because that’s what I am proud of. It’s our food culture that I want to share with you.

If you are around then come by for a chat or a bite!

I am at Royal for you!

Love and hugs 🤗 from Iny.

Follow me: @iny_royal_saigon

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