Cider – New flavour with spice

You wouldn’t think of chilli and cider in one sentence.
But now it does exist. The new flavour from Saigon Cider is out and of course we could not resist to order the first batch.

We think it perfectly fits the Vietnamese dishes to add up some chilli spice to the meal.

Our recommendation:
Appetizer: Royal Saigon Welcome Platter
Main: Chicken with Rice on Bamboo Tube
Dessert: Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

Saigon Cider uses carefully selected ingredients and most importantly it’s organic and vegan-friendly.

Good stuff by Saigon Cider


Come by and try it out!
Find us @ 40 Dang Thi Nhu Street, D1

The one and only Royal Saigon in the heart of a bustling city! 😎

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 9.06.38 PM

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