A healthy choice – Phở chay during Corona

The Corona Virus has spread so much panic all around the world and people are scared to meet up at crowded place, go to super markets and clear all the shelves like there is the end of the world.
I have never experienced something like this before.

Instead of negative thoughts bring this to your mind. It’s a wake up call for all of us to start changing our behavior. First big theme was climate change with the recent fires in Australia and now Corona.

As one of the business owners that got affected by it, I have been thinking and worrying a lot the last few days. It became very obvious starting this week that we got strongly affected, too.

We lost more than 50% of our guests from all over the world. Scary isn’t it?
But truly speaking out my thoughts the only way is stay positive, find a solution for this and work together.

The first thing I did, was to go into my shop and wake up all the staff. Because it’s not my restaurant solely. It’s ours! Our income, our daily routine. We must work on it together. My duty to keep everyone’s job.

The first thing is being more attentive to our guests and their needs.
One thing we must care is health and in a place where random people meet we must remind everyone to respect health amongst each other.

We offer now Pho Chay as a combo along with coconut to boost your health and with a little discount in return we make a little income, which hopefully let us stay alive.

So I thank you for this, if you happen to read my post and order a Pho at Royal Saigon.
Really! Thank you!


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