Featured in https://carlymatthew.com/vegetarian-saigon-vietnam/

How cool is this! Carly Matthew one of our guests from 2019 has been writing about her favorite vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). And amongst are we with Bun Bar – A Noodle Hangout.
As you may not know, but Royal Saigon Restaurant shares the location with the sister named Bun Bar – A Noodle Hangout. Which is why you find our homemade rice noodle bowls and Saigon Cider, Kombucha in the menu. Bun Bar is the modern twist of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Our own interpretation of a healthy bowl of Vietnamese rice noodles combined with various different toppings such as Tempeh.

Thank you Carly for your time and effort to writing about your experience with us.
All the best to you wherever you are now!


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