Vietnam’s Corona Song is a HIT!

I am super amazed how Vietnam is tackling the Corona Epidemic Spread. We get instant messages by SMS from the Ministry of Health and they even had made a super song to educate the citizens to care about hygiene. It’s such a positive way of beating Corona. My business is suffering from Corona Epidemic Situation as all others, however while I am constantly reading about it and trying to find creative ways to keep our sales up and motivation, I find all the decision that the government makes quite right. Before we take things for granted and too easy we rather prevent.

One may think I should be angry about such decision that makes my business suffer now, but I just saw a post about highway speed saying: Drive slow, someone out there loves you. This counts also for the Corona situation. Slowdown and be aware of it, protect yourself and others. Respect rules.
Now watch the video! It’s cool!

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