Corona – 16.3.2020

As of the latest news, the authorities have now shutdown bars, cinemas, karaokes and massage until end of this month. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for us the last few years.
At first the insane rental prices and growing competition by corporate restaurants and now 2020 Corona. My dream of building a space where we could share and help others growing is like varnishing and all I can do everyday with uncertainty is to pray and hope that we are going to survive this altogether. It’s very little time left after all the bars closed, I am sure we are next.

All the years of hard work and suffering from losses and hope of healing 2020 is like very tiny.
I am still having hopes but it seems like the force is much stronger than myself.

At the same time I think that Corona is a wake up call for change and I am willing to suffer and overcome it. Simply because our kids don’t deserve what we have created today.

I remember my beautiful childhood and wish for all the children to have the same kinda experience and not what it is like now. So by asking the planet for forgiveness I want to pay respect, gratitude and hope for healing.

I am sorry that it has gone this far.

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