We are on a mission!

Today I found this article from a German publisher and it reminds me about what I am doing since years with all my passion, love and sweat.


I have left my well paid job as product manager in the software industry to find myself now with a meaningful mission to make this a better place to live.
Corona isn’t just something we can wipe under the carpet. It’s what we needed to do decades ago and we had been too busy taking our selfies without realising that we have sacrifice our whole planet for a second of selfie ego.

I am stronger than ever to say I am ready to go all the way straight. No fear! We got to face this wave and own and deserve it again.

Today, someone said I am not rich relating it to physical paper money. However, I feel so rich more than ever before by not having enough of it. I live truly in the present and truly I do not know what’s gonna be tomorrow for years and this has made me strong enough to accept that the pandemic can put us all down in a second And the more I am aware of it, I moreover thankful for mother earth teaching us the lesson. Mother earth was waiting too long for us to learn it by ourselves and she understood that it was about time to give us a wake up call.

In my restaurant so many travellers from all over the world have passed through and by them come in and out, I realized the world is escaping more and more from their true lives.
Fancying the dream come true life, while I am in a country wondering, why so many Vietnamese want to have the lives of our guests.

That’s human, being not satisfied with what we have.
Always dreaming of this so called picture perfect world.
Yet, we come to realized that what we have we should have appreciated more. Now that we are about to lose it.

Today, I am saying sorry to Mother Earth and hoping for forgiveness.
Hoping for the new us that lives with empathy, compassion and love for nature.

It’s about time to wake up and get back to real life!

I am sending you my LOVE!
Let’s unite!

I am Iny, owner of Royal Saigon and Bun Bar
Aquarium display at our restaurant to visualize awareness about plastic usage
Aquarium display at our restaurant to visualize awareness about plastic usage
German Newspaper writing about Vietnam

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