Social distancing has forced us all to stay at home, however who would have thought that it brings you a new friend on the virtual front.

Any Nguyen friended me about a month ago on Facebook, We wanted to connect, because we are from Germany and both have a child with almost same age.

Unfortunately, we were not able to meet for a play date.

To my surprise, Any has kept in touch and started to order lunches for him and his family. A bonding started right away, throughout the friendliness and his kindness to give.

Without a second thought, he started to use his skills and created this website to help us German restaurant owners to bond and present ourselves actively in the German community.

I have not enough words to describe how thankful I am for this solidarity from a “stranger”.

Thank you Any for giving hope, for sharing time.

Here is the link to the website, he has created for us.
Meet some of the owners on here and add some people you may know by dropping us a message.

DANKE ANY von uns Iny, Ralf, Andi, Michael ❤

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