About us

Dear invaluable friends,

Please let me introduce myself. I am Iny, owner of Royal Saigon Restaurant and Bún Bar – A Noodle Hangout . Firstly, thank you for choosing to share your time and taste palette with us at our humble dining space.


Born in Germany,…

I am a Vietnamese-Chinese woman residing in Vietnam since 2007.
I feel it is my utmost responsibility to deliver the memorable impression of the best in Vietnamese cuisine. Sharing food with friends and family is composed of your most precious moments in life. Time slows down and you find yourself enthralled in a conversation. You ignore distractions such as your phone or social media. You recapture a moment, a memory, a friend…


Vietnamese cuisine is all that and more…

There is a unique combination of sauces and herbs that provide fresh tastes to every dish. At first, the herbs might be strange to your taste buds but in the end, you surrender your senses to the mouth-watering delight of it all. If you are uncertain how to eat your meal, don’t hesitate to ask your waitress/waiter. If you have allergies or any other dietary restriction, let us know and we will cater to you. 

Our wait staff…

are skilled students/interns who have decided to work at Royal Saigon in order to practice their English and service skills. Feel free to converse, as they are here to serve with a smile! We are happy and here for you.



I am also here for you, whether it’s a tip about traveling in Vietnam or just to talk about the latest trends in Vietnamese food and sustainability or just say god and the world!


At Royal Saigon we care. Being born in Germany, many things in Vietnam make you think. One is how to run a sustainable business. I made it the key priorities of our business. We need to care, we need to take action and we need to share our experiences. I am continuously out to learn from others and try to apply what I have learned into the  restaurant.

As of January 2018, we are conscientiously reducing waste by taking these steps:
1.  Ban plastic straws – banned since January 2018
2. Ban plastic water bottles – banned since April 2018. We serve water in reused glass bottles and metal jugs. The water we serve is from ION LIFE. We also joined the RefillMyBottle app that will be released this October 2018. You can refill your bottle at the small fee at our restaurant.
3. Our portions are reasonable to avoid food waste
4. Takeout. We are looking into other packaging options to reduce plastic bags and boxes. Since April 2018 we offer the option to order directly with us. By agreeing to get delivery from us, you will join the bento box program. We deliver to our frequent customers bentos made from steel. As we deliver, we pick up the bento from the day before. We will switch to eco-friendly boxes by end of this year. We will charge a small fee for take outs and other delivery options such as Vietnammm.com.

We are not there we want to be yet. Yet, we know such projects are endless. Any baby step is a good step.


No matter positive or negative the experience, please always feel free to share it with us.
Send feedback or reviews to iny.royalsaigon@gmail.com

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At Royal Saigon,
We are friends.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,