Bún Bar – A Noodle Hangout

Enjoy freshly made “Bún” rice noodles and rice dishes inspired by traditional Vietnamese recipes twisted the modern way.
Bún Bar’s concept is simple, modern Vietnamese food based around Bún rice noodle and rice bowls – a la poke style. Homemade Bún rice noodle infused with carrots, beetroot and other vegetables helps bring vibrancy and modern flavours to the bowls. Food waste is composted to create rich fertiliser which the restaurant uses for their herb garden.

The noodle hangout is a fully up-cycled restaurant with a strong sustainable mind-set.
Hence, we are part of Impact Saigon, Ecospark and RefillMyBottle Vietnam.

Our goal isn’t to just make this a restaurant be part of our community space where like minded people can run workshops and events. Come and chat with us about Vietnamese food, sustainability, arts & culture. Be part of our hangout and work with us to make Saigon a better place.

Colourful rice noodles made with love by our team. Here you get the choice of pandan leaf, carrot and beet root flavour.
Our lovely guests from Philippines. We enjoyed our time together for a full week long. Every lunch and dinner. On the left that’s me 🙂
Freshly pressed pandan leaf noodles

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Review by Thomas

If you are a fan of healthy Vietnamese food you gotta check that place out. Food is made with love and passion with the freshest ingredients and the price is more than affordable. My favourite dish is the vegetarian buns with their homemade curry sauce. 👍
Thumb up to Iny, the owner behind that new great restaurant concept.