How to find us?

Find your way to the famous backpacker street “Bui Vien”. We are at the very end of the busy and noisy street. A much quieter area with eateries and cafes nearby. You will be surprised to find some nice places to spend your time. “Bui Vien” street has a little bit of a bad reputation. Well, understandable. The street is nearby the 23rd September park. Nearby is the Ben Thanh Bus Station.


We have a few seats right at the street, if you like to people watch. Inside the ground floor you will find a few tables with fans. The front entrance includes a little in-store shop offering you items such as metal straws, bamboo straws, hand-made tote bags from Iny’s neighbour, Rice wine from Iny’s friend and a few jewellery items from Saigon Spring Jewellery. The decor inside is made by the staff themselves as a sustainable project every now and then. You will find dried coconut shells reused as planters or card board decorations. On the first floor you will have two rooms for your choice. The front room seats up to 30 guests and is air-conditioned. You won’t find a balcony seating, however if you are a smoker, you can use the balcony to have a smoke. The back room seats about 18 guests and Iny calls it the silent room. The lights inside are dimmed the music is turned down. We also have some toys for your child and it is air-conditioned, too.


Besides cash payment you have the choice of  Visa, Mastercard, Samsung Pay.

There is a FEE of 3 % on the total bill for all credit card payments.

For Chinese we offer QR code payment with WeChat, QR code payment for locals with MoMo.

For US dollar payments, please ask your waiter about the latest rate up to date.


Use Grab Taxi or Vinasun Taxi. Both are very reliable ways. If you need a lift back to your hotel or elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to ask the waiter to order one for you.