You download the Grabcar app to your smart phone and create an account with your Vietnamese phone number. You type in the name/address of your start and destination and a driver calls you back with his virtual number to confirm the ride. (Just ask someone to help you to describe your current location on the phone for you) Otherwise they notice you are an English speaker by your non-Vietnamese name that is displayed and you can for example say:”yes, yeah,yes yes” then they do come pick you up anyway. The app displays you his distance to you on the map and your aprox. waiting time which is usually 5 minutes. You only keep an eye on their car brand and especially the last digits of their car number plate to make sure it is your grab ride. Once they arrived, they call you again. You can track your current ride or even the ride for someone you called the Grabcar for to see if one arrived safe. The driver’s car are usually never older than 5 years and are often comfortable and clean. In the high demand times the cheap prices can double or even triple up, which can be still cheaper than a usual taxi since the taximetres do measure a little bit on time too.  And it is very hard to almost impossible to even get one while it is heavily raining.
The Grabcar ride is often clearly cheaper than the regular taxi costs. Here you can rate the driver after. The driver’s interest is to sincerely get you to reach your destination quickly and safe to get your 5star rating. Optional wise you can also book their cars with 7 seats, motorbike rides or even delivery service. You usually pay cash at the end of the ride. They recently added card payment as another payment option. Very recommended.

Rides from city center to Tan Son Nhat Airport varies between VND80k -VND110k.
At high demand hours cost can jump up between VND130k-VD160k.
Single Grabbike rides for around 1-2km cost around VND17k.


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