Royal Rice & Bun Bar

We are proud to introduce to your our new concept restaurant.
Royal Rice & Bun Bar offers you freshly made rice noodles topped with many options to make your rice noodle bowl different each time you visit.

Homemade fresh rice noodles

Natural ingredients are used to make the rice noodles. The noodles are available in different colours made with freshly pressed vegetable juice.

Colourful rice noodles made with love by our team. Here you get the choice of pandan leaf, carrot and beet root flavour.
Our latest creation is the so called 🦆 Bún Măng Vịt: Rice noodle soup bowl with Duck breast and bamboo root.
Our lovely guests from Philippines. We enjoyed our time together for a full week long. Every lunch and dinner. On the left that’s me 🙂
Freshly pressed pandan leaf noodles


The interior

Like the big sister restaurant, Royal Rice & Bun Bar’s interior has been up-cycled, recycled and reused. The former business was a restaurant, too and what we do with it, is to reuse the most of what has been left to us. We give it a facelift by repainting the walls, reusing the equipment, decor the interior. Like the bar counter. The counter was made with the left-over wood that has been cut off the headboard of the seating benches. Everything inside and out got a brighter fresher look. At Royal we keep it simply white and a bit of black. The plants and the food need to stand out from the interior.
Everything that comes into decor is a do-it-yourself project.

Last week we did the soft opening and invited friends and family to celebrate with us.


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Review by Thomas

If you are a fan of healthy Vietnamese food you gotta check that place out. Food is made with love and passion with the freshest ingredients (you can actually see the Chef preparing the noodles by the window) and the price is more than affordable. My favourite dish is the vegetarian buns with their homemade curry sauce. 👍
Thumb up to Iny, the owner behind that new great restaurant concept.